Hand Weeding

  At this time of year we are very busy ensuring our crops are kept weed free.  Quite an undertaking!  Being a grower of Organic Vegetables, we have to remove the weeds manually.  Imagine having to weed an entire field/fields by hand!  That’s exactly what we do.  The hand weeder’s lie on a flat bed[…]

Protecting our crops

After the Brassica planting process, nets cover the crop.  This is to ensure that any pests that may want to attack the crop stay out!  Water and sunshine still reach the crop under the nets and they receive good airflow.    

Planting Time

All our Brassica crops are grown from seed in large ‘Greenhouses’.  Once they are mature enough to be planted, they are delivered back to us and are planted into the fields.  Our root crops are all grown straight from seeds.  Each seed drilled into the field mechanically.